Welcome to the next edition following on from “A Simple Guide to DMR in the UK”.

The original PDF launched in early December 2017 has had just over 900 downloads in 6 months and since the website version went live (at the end of February 2018), there have been over 10 000 views of which just over 40% have been from outside the UK in 3 months.

Hopefully by keeping with the website format not only makes it easier to maintain and update but also makes it easier for the users (rather than printing a long document), more so as the mode expands not just in regards to connecting users but the equipment available and network updates. However your feedback is important so that we know that the layout and information is doing what we planned it to do – help users.

We are trying to source local users of various equipment to assist by contributing their knowledge as the equipment we have is limited but we hope to cover as many bits of kit as possible. If you wish to contribute to this site, please use the feedback form –

Note that some menu’s have sub menus which may not be too obvious – please look for the down arrow at the end of the menu title line – click on it for the sub menus.

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