This is another attempt from Baofeng to get into the DMR dual band market. This radio has been packaged in the same case as the popular UV-5R with a larger 3800mAh extended battery and a dual band antenna.

Specs include 256 contacts, 64 Rx Groups of 16 channels, 250 zones of 16 channels, 250 scan lists of 32 channels and a 1024 channel limit.

Whilst it’s not up there with the rest of the dual bands in terms of memory and general specifications. However for around £90 from Moonraker, this could work well for a shack handy connected to an external antenna, for local repeater/simplex use or just for the hotspot.

I have tested a sample of this radio on the Phoenix network and it works perfectly unlike some previous models which transmitted on both slots. Therefore the DM-9HX is suitable for use on DMR repeaters.