Whilst not everyone likes to keep updating their CPS and Firmware, many times this is done to resolve an issue especially in the months following the launch of the product. More so with newer radios where bugs/issues are reported to the manufacturer and shortly after an update is released to resolve the issue. As dual band radios are the newer ones on the market, they have been receiving quite a few updates.

Note that in order to update the Firmware, the radio needs to be put into DFU mode – the way to do this may differ between radios (it’s usually involves pressing two different buttons and switching the radio on), so please ensure you know how before updating the firmware.

TYT/Retevis Handhelds – Press the PTT and button above the PTT then switch on the radio – the light should flash red/green and screen will be blank.

TYT/Retevis Mobiles – Switch the radio off at the power supply. Press the orange button and P1 button then turn on the power supply. The display will be blank and flashing.

Anytone – Make a copy of your current code plug as it will need reloading after the update. Press the PTT and orange button above the PTT then switch on the radio – the light will flash red and display will be blank. If there is an Icon update Press the PTT and bottom side button – the radio will display “Update Mode”. Once updates are done turn the radio off, press the PTT and upper side button and turn the radio on – you then need to initialise the radio and reset the time zone, date and time. Reload your code plug.

Some updates also add functionality. The Moonraker, TYT and Retevis dual bands had an update to allow a different setup on the zones and also to allow users to upload the DMR ID database. The firmware is distinguished by the naming convention – GPS for GPS models. REC for those not using the 100k database which keeps the record function and CSV for those that use the 100k database which removes the record function.

Note that in some cases, code plugs may not be compatible with newer and/or older versions of the CPS and/or Firmware. Many times, if you have a code plug written with an older CPS, you should be able to download it from the radio using a newer version CPS then use that copy for future editing and uploading.

TYT and Retevis CPS and Firmware is compatible across the rebranded radios.

The updates are available via the Manufacturers website and many users do post them on the relevant radio Facebook groups and they are also usually published on the Manufacturers Facebook Page/Group.


Below are links to a few CPS/Firmware update pages: