The programming of this radio is a little different to the rest as only the contacts/talk groups can be imported/exported however one should still follow the guidelines and order for creating a code plug.

Create your zones carefully as you can’t move the order once done unless you rename them. This may require some pre-planning of what you want to do with the radio and based on the memory limitations.

I’d suggest adding one talk group (group call) and contact (private call) then exporting the file then you can mirror the layout and add more (keep the talk groups in order towards the top to make it easier to link to the channels).

Each channel needs to be populated manually however if you setup the basics such as frequencies and colour code / ctcss then right click, copy then right click on the next channel and paste – this will copy the data. It’s handy for DMR repeater channels then all you need to populate is the name, repeater slot, linked talk group and scan list.

As the programming is a little more manual compared to other radios, some people may find the use of this radio to be best suited to hotspots, local repeaters and simplex as you then limited the chances of having to maintain the code plug.