DV Mega has been around quite some time as they originally provided a D-Star hotspot which was a DV Mega board on a Raspberry Pi 1. The DV Mega board makes up the main component of most of the hotspots that they sell which results in various bits of kit to suit users and their operating requirements.

Many of their units can be run using the BlueDV software – refer to the “BlueDV” menu for more information – https://dmrguideuk.wordpress.com/bluedv/ and others use MMDVM (Multi Mode Digital Voice Modem) created by G4KLX and has proved to be very popular with various forms of hotspots (https://github.com/g4klx/MMDVM) or Pi-Star which is based on MMDVM (https://www.pistar.uk/index.php).

For new users and the not so technical, a hotspot that uses BlueDV may be best whilst those that like to play and also deal with Linux, will enjoy the MMDVM based software.

The main UK reseller is DV Mega DStar (http://www.dvmega.co.uk/index.html) who also have a dedicated site for the DV Mega Bluestack and other units (http://www.blue-stack.co.uk/index.html). Some products are available via other vendors however many units are specific to this reseller.

DV Mega / Arduino (DV Radio Hotspot) – This unit gets plugged into a computer, laptop or a Raspberry Pi and is used with the BlueDV software. It’s very similar to the original DV Mega D-Star units that have been around for some time now. Prices starting around £90

DVM Arduino


DV Mega / Raspberry Pi (DV RPi Dual Radio or DV RPi Single Radio) – This is a DV Mega board (70cm or dual band) that sits on a raspberry Pi 3. They do require a microSD card with an image containing MMDVM and this also requires a setup. Prices starting around £90 excluding the Raspberry Pi (which costs around £30).



DV Mega / Bluestack – This is, in many peoples opinion, the best unit for portable use. It can be run off a computer, tablet (running Android or Windows), Raspberry Pi, iPhone and Android mobile phone. To use mobile/portable, connect it via bluetooth to your phone and uses the BlueDV app. The unit can be powered via usb or a powerbank. To activate bluetooth on the unit, the red button must be out – otherwise keep it pressed in for use via a LAN cable. Note that if using BlueDV for iOS, then you need the iOS Bluestack. Prices for the assembled unit with usb cable and antenna are around £148 (Android) and £183 (iOS) and they are also available in dual band as well as in other combinations. Also different cases are available – some as standard and others at a cost.



Other DV Mega Units – Recently, DV Mega have added more hotspots to their arsenal with various MMDVM units and more may pop up at various times as they are working on various combinations – visit www.blue-stack.co.uk for more products and the prices.