This is an intriguing bit of kit as many American’s seem to prefer this over many other hotspots on the market – having never owned one, I’ve not had the opportunity to try figure out why. Even some UK users prefer these but as with many “toys”, everyone finds a favourite.

Firstly they do not have built in wi-fi so need to be plugged into a LAN cable so using on portable requires a mobile data connection that has a LAN port as well as a power bank should you not have another source of power.

Priced at £210, they are also the more pricey of all the hotspots however they have recently been reduced with prices around £130.

More info including links to the software and setup details via the ML&S website –

Note that the original SharkRF OpenSpot is now being replaced by the OpenSpot 2 which is now not defendant on a LAN connection. I’m not aware of any UK vendors at present. ML&S used to sell them but I heard that users were having issues and they have since been removed from their website.

More information is available from