In the UK, we have access to a two major networks:

Brandmeister and Phoenix-UK (which is linked with DMR-MARC, DMR Plus and the Northern DMR Cluster), which offer local, regional, national and international connectivity.

Then there is the SALOP Cluster and South West Cluster – each contain several repeaters that are linked.

It’s important to know that there is no link between all these networks/clusters despite them using similar talk groups and/or reflector numbers and names.

As at late June 2018, Phoenix UK and Brandmeister UK created a link between the networks. Phoenix TG2353 is linked to  BM TG2353 (Ref 4403) which is UA on both networks.

Regardless of the network/cluster, TG9 is local – it does not go through the network/cluster and is much the same as using an analogue repeater.

Here’s a map to the various networks – DMR UK Repeater Map

The maps will not always be up to date as they are snap shots taken of a live map which is updated on a regular basis. Should you wish to check the repeaters on the various networks, please refer to