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This is the newer of the 2 international networks available in the UK and has 55 repeaters connected (which includes the SALOP network & DV Scotland).

The network has a mixed use of talk groups and reflectors (most of which are linked to talk groups). TG9 Slot 2 is usually connected to a reflector by default – 4400 (UK Wide) in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and 4450 (Scotland) in Scotland.

There are 1100 talk groups available – Repeater Keepers decide which talk groups are “Always On”, the rest are all “User Activated”.

The network is quite popular with hotspot users with around 6845 being connected to BM compared to around 2241 repeaters worldwide (via 45 master servers). As the repeater network has only 2 time slots available, hotspots have the advantage of being more flexible as they use internet connections to link users to talkgroups and reflectors.

This is especially useful with the Brandmeister network as their talkgroup structure allows for a more precise access to regions/locations such as numerous states in the US. By comparison the Phoenix UK / DMR-MARC network is more of a location/language based structure which keeps the talk group layout on repeaters more uniform.

All talk groups and reflectors are available via hotspots. The TYT/Retevis mono band radios are popular for hotspot use on Brandmeister as the Experimental Firmware allows you to manually dial a talk group (just as you do a reflector) so there is no need to program in all the talk groups due to the large number of them.

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Talk Group List – (search GB or 235 for the UK list of 18 talk groups)