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Phoenix UK is part of OpenDMR ( which links Phoenix UK with DMR-MARC, the Northern DMR Cluster and DMR Plus.

DMR-UK.Net ( is run by network users with close ties to the Network Admins and Repeater Keepers, to provide information on the Phoenix UK network – please visit this site as it contains a wealth of information and news.

Phoenix UK comprises of 55 repeaters across the UK and Northern Ireland (including the Northern DMR Cluster). There are 33 talk groups which include local, regional, UK Wide (with 5 UA options), Europe, English World Wide (with 2 UA options) and Worldwide (with 2 UA options) and a few “Special Links”.

A full list of talk groups is available here –

TG9 TS2 is the primary local talk group and TG9 S1 is a secondary local talk group. The traffic on TG9 does not pass through the network (qso’s do appear on the last heard).

Each region has a designated talk group (or talk groups depending on coverage) which also assists with mobile/portable/roaming use and these are “always on” – here’s the regional layout – Other regions can be accessed via any repeater as they are User Activated.

In some areas, there are “special links” ( where Keepers have requested a talk group to link two or more repeaters usually due to high activity. Northern Ireland also has TG8 available for the RSGB News.

Several talk groups are designated calling channels thus they have UA options where users can move to once contact is established. If you are on a regional talk group, it may also be ideal to move to one of the UK Wide UA talk groups (unless you are roaming).

The reason for the UA talk groups is that main wide area groups (TG1; TG2; TG13; TG235) open up a large number of repeaters across a region to the entire worldwide network which can hamper other users from utilising other talk groups on their repeater. This is also why pauses are important, so that others can key up another talk group or access another reflector. Note that not all repeaters outside of Europe with TG1 and TG13 have access to the relevant UA talk groups as these were not made mandatory. OpenDMR felt that they be should be available in the UK and thus implemented them.

TG1 Wordwide – TG119 and TG129 are the UA options

TG13 English World Wide – TG113 & TG123 are the UA options

TG235 UK Wide – TG80, TG81, TG82, TG83 & TG84 are the UA options


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