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This is where it all started with DMR in the Amateur world some years ago with a Motorola exclusive network comprising of a set talk group layout dependant on country and language. Two main servers were in operation – one in the US and one in Europe.

You had to have a minimum number of talk groups covering Worldwide (TG1), your continent (TG2 Europe for the UK) and your country (TG235 as defined under the MCC coding – refer to the “Terminology” menu –

This system worked well in getting amateurs into DMR but then more was needed to suit the UK and also to allow repeaters from other manufacturers to connect (such as Hytera and MMDVM) and so this lead to the birth of OpenDMR which took over the European server and Phoenix UK which is the local network – all still with access to DMR-MARC but a different “structure” to provide more to local users.