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DMR Plus is a reflector based network (more on reflectors under the “Terminology” menu – which also allows hotspot access.

DMR Plus have linked up with Phoenix UK and DMR-MARC to provide reflector linking to various Phoenix UK and DMR-MARC talk groups thus allowing those with no repeater access to connect to the wider network.

On most radios, reflectors are easier to use than talk groups as you do not need to have them programmed into the radio as they can be manually dialled using a pre-defined side button and the keypad.

Many radios allow a button to be set with “manual dial for private” – reflectors are known as private calls unlike talk groups which are group calls. Reflectors use numbers from 4001 – 4999 with 4000 used to unlink.

If you are using a hotspot, you will set a channel entry for your hotspot (with a simplex frequency) and link it to TG9. Then press the manual dial button, type in the reflector number and press the PTT for 2-3 seconds – you should then hear a voice saying “linked to 4xxx). If dialling 4000, it will say “unlinked”.

The following link contain the reflectors linked to Phoenix talk groups as well as more information on using hotspots on DMR Plus/Phoenix UK –

Other reflectors are available to connect to other countries via and click on the “REF-LIST” menu.