The SALOP Cluster is a group of 6 repeaters stretching from north to south near the Welsh border region that operates both on local and as a cluster (region).

In August, the cluster made some changes following it’s linking to Brandmeister in June. This resulted in a change to the talk groups used.

TG75/TS1 is used for the Cluster (in place of TG950/TS2) via the repeaters. TG9/TS1 is still in use for local calls and TG9/TS2 is linked to Ref 4418 on Brandmeister. Hotspot users can access the Cluster via TG23575.

GB7HM (Hope Mountain) is connected to the cluster on TG950 Slot 1 as this repeater is also connected to the Northern DMR Cluster.

More information on this network can be found via this site –