Hytera is a commercial manufacturer that also sold a lot into the amateur market and filled the gap between Connect Systems and Motorola in regards to being better quality than Connect Systems and a little cheaper than Motorola. They seemed to become quite popular as the alternative to Motorola however like most major manufacturers, they seemed to have lost out to the cheaper Chinese radios both due to cost and support for the amateur market.

One of the more popular radios is the MD655 for mobile use. It has everything on the fist mic and also has a bluetooth fist mic so the radio itself can be hidden under the seat. Their handheld range is similar to Motorola and also includes a smaller unit (PD365).

ML&S seem to be the only UK vendor still selling Hytera radios starting at £176 for the PD365 UHF up to £630 for the X1P. They also have the PDC-760 on pre-sale for £1800 – this is a DMR/Analogue/LTE radio – http://www.hytera.com/navigation.htm?newsId=99442&columnType=product&pageType=newDetail