Whilst not always the cheapest option (and the CPS is not free), Motorola radios have been around a long time and are built for the commercial market. Motorola have not been seen to support the amateur users and outside the US, it can be rather difficult to obtain an account to purchase the CPS via Motorola EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). However, many still use their products as are they are built to a high standard (and include the roaming feature) but do lack the “amateur radio” features many Chinese radios/software are now incorporating.

There is a fair range of Motorola MotoTRBO (DMR) radios on the market but one has to take note that earlier models are not well suited for amateur use. Mobile radio’s have a DM prefix and handhelds have a DP prefix. There is also a SL range which are more slim line such as the SL4000 which is similar size to a mobile phone but has a fixed antenna and lower power than standard handhelds.

Note that some radios (mainly the earlier ones) have limited memory capacity, some lack a numeric keypad and some have no display. The max memory on the newer models is 1000 channels and 1000 contact (made up of talk groups and users). Their contacts list only holds the ID and a 16 character field for the call sign/name.

Unless you go via a Motorola dealer in the UK, the majority can be purchased via eBay or various Facebook Groups as most Amateur Radio vendors do not stock them unless they are also a commercial business.

More of the MotoTRBO radios can be viewed on this website –