TYT and Retevis radios come off the same production line. They are sold with the same hardware and casings, the firmware, CPS and code plugs are inter-changeable – just a different badge and model number.

They have 2 mono bands, TYT MD380 / Retevis RT3 and TYT MD390 / Retevis RT8.

Then came the dual bands handhelds. TYT launched the MD-2017 then came the Retevis RT82 (also sold under the Moonraker badge as the HT-500D).

Following that, the dual band mobile was launched with TYT staring with the MD-9600 followed by the Retevis RT90.

And to add further confusion, Retevis launched the Ailunce HD1 dual band handheld.

Then TYT/Retevis decided to launch the MD-UV380, MD-UV390 & RT3S dual bands which are a mix of the mono and dual band radios.

The sub menu’s cover each of the radios – in order of launch.


Links to the CPS/Firmware

TYT – http://tyt888.com/?mod=download

Retevis / Ailunce – http://www.retevis.com/resources-center