This is the latest edition to the Retevis stable (not rebadged by TYT) and currently I’ve not seen it sold from a local vendor but is available from Retevis via their website for around $189 (Non GPS) and $199 (GPS) which equates to around £135 (Non GPS) and £145 (GPS) which makes it the cheaper radio from this group.

The radio has 3 power levels : 1w , 4w/5w and 8w/10w supported by a 3200mAh battery. It is suggested not to use high power on UHF due to an impedance mismatch.

Now in saying it’s cheaper, there has to be a catch – the firmware, CPS and code plugs are not interchangeable with the other dual band radios from TYT/Retevis. The CPS alone is a fair bit different to the other radios – a bit more basic in design and also lacks a scan list.

The radio can handle 1000 priority contacts (talk groups) and 100 000 contacts (User database). It also handles 3000 channels which seems to be the standard. It also has a 3200mAh battery which is a decent capacity compared to many others.

The overall look and feel of this radio is very similar to the Motorola DP4800 – more weight (about 60g more than the RT82 & clones) and it doesn’t have a cheaper plastic feel to it. Also to note that the antenna is slightly longer – not sure how much difference it would make as yet. Overall, I was quiet impressed by the hardware but the software was not as good. It also has the Motorola style accessory port.

In order to attach the belt clip, you will need a T8 torx screw driver to remove the screws from the case this might be something that not everyone has in the tool box however they are available very cheap off eBay. And the screw for the accessory port cover does not come off as easily as other radios – you may need a flat screw driver (don’t attempt to use your nails). I’m using the pull tab off a coke can.

Manufacturer site – http://www.retevis.com/ailunce-hd1-dual-band-dmr-digital-radio