MD380/RT3 & MD390/RT8 (MONO BAND)

It’s rather confusing why 2 of the same radios get launched with the only difference being the name and model number. The good thing is, the firmware, CPS and code plugs are interchangeable.

The main difference between the TYT MD380 / Retevis RT3 and TYT MD390 / Retevis RT8 is that the latter is waterproof, has a different battery (with a release clip) and the belt clip attached to the chassis (and not the battery).

Otherwise, they are great little radios priced from around £50 on eBay up to around £150 from various vendors (Moonraker, Nevada and ML&S) with plenty of accessories available. This makes them the more favourable radios and more recommended for those new to the hobby and/or mode.

These radios hold max 16 channels per zone and up to 31 channels per scan list.

They are supported by the Experimental Firmware ( which add’s a lot more “amateur friendly” functionality as well as an easy way to upload the DMR ID database. There is also a code plug editor which helps with creating code plugs with an import/export function which can be downloaded from this website –