When opening the Motorola CPS, you only see the menu’s – you need to open a code plug before you actually see any data as the menu’s are dependant on the radio model.


When opening a code plug, the menu’s are all expanded which is confusing. Right click on the model name at the top, select “collapse all” then click on the button with a plus sign in it to show the menu’s (non expanded view). Also go to the “View” menu and select “Expert” as this will show additional features in the CPS.


One main difference with Motorola is that you create the zones then create the channels within the zones. You can copy/cut then between zones. You can also copy data from another Motorola code plug however your Contacts, Rx Group Lists, Scan Lists and Roam Lists need to be setup exactly the same else you need to update the channels to the setup you have.

Another difference is the Roam Lists – on Phoenix, once all channels per repeater are done, you set up one or more roam lists – if you are in the Midlands create a roam list with a name such as TG830 Midlands, link the “TG830 Midlands” channels for all the relevant repeaters (refer to in that regional group to the roam list. Then in the roam list, add the channels – similar setup to a scan list. On Brandmeister, some repeaters link TG9 Slot 2 to Ref 4400, so you could use that to roam.

The rest of the process is similar to that of other radios – there are a few different setting options – these are explained in the bottom box within the CPS as you select them.