The Radiodditty came out in a quiet period between the launches from TYT/Retevis and the Ailunce HD1. It’s sold by Radioditty via their Amazon store for around £85.

The hardware has a good feel compared to the other dual bands and more so for it’s price. However, the let down has been the CPS my opinion. Having programmed Hytera, Motorola, TYT/Retevis, I found this radio to be one of the most challenging (the HD1 being the other).

It handles 1024 channels and 10000 contacts – the least of the dual bands so far. The import/export function does not cater for all user settings, therefore the user still needs to go into every channel to complete the settings – much unlike the others.

However despite this, some still feel it’s a good radio (thus it’s always good to do some homework before making a purchase).