Just as with analogue repeaters, there are various costs involved with repeaters including the internet linking to connect to the various networks/clusters – more so if the site is remote and requires mobile internet. Please support your keepers / repeater groups where possible to help with the costs of equipment and running costs.

Below are links to various repeater sites where you will find information on the repeater(s) and be able to donate or contact the keeper to provide support.

Keepers can use the feedback page to send their repeater or repeater group website information to be added to this page –

Martello Tower Group –

Cambridge Repeater Group –

DV Scotland –

Folkestone Repeater Group –

Norfolk Repeater Group –

South Anglia Repeater Group –

South West DMR –

UKFM Group (Western) –

GB7JL (Wigan) –

GB7MO (Northampton) –